C10 activity 3

What is your favorite sport? Well mine is basketball. I love basketball and always have. When my sister was old enough to play I was jealous that she was older than me. Sometimes I played on there team because I was very good and was tall enough to play. When I started in 3rd grade I was constantly playing and didn’t want to stop. As I grew older I kept playing and still was a sub for my sisters team until she stopped playing. I was very sad that I couldn’t play with the older girls but I didn’t stop playing basketball. I was one of the best players because my friend Taylor and I were like equal and were really good. My family has been very supportive throughout all the games and always get me through injuries and other stuff like sweatshirts and good shoes. My friends always helped me through free throws and have been very supported through all the games. I don’t think I could possibly do this sport because all of the stuff I practice on and do are all stuff my friends and family help me with.

C10 activity 1

Yes because we registered in a day. I do not know what RSS means so i can not answer that question. I don’t use it that much so no they are not very useful. Our class did both and thought they both were very useful. I thought challenge that challenge 5 was most useful, because I spent a lot of time on it and used a lot of the help in the future challenges. Challenge 5 was also the most interesting because I had a great time finding pictures and learning how to link pictures and do other stuff. Another topic to talk about in the future challenges is favorite T.V. show, if you are left or right handed, what you do in the summer, or even favorite soda. Yes I think they were helpful and especially compfight. I usually was able to embed them so i thought it was easy. Yes there was plenty of chances to visit the blogs. Yes, I think that there were enough activities because our class did a lot and thought it was good.

C9 activity 4

I nominate Taylor Witthun for the student blog. She is a hard working student in writing through technology and always tries her best when it comes to the challenges. She is always on task, but when I had to pick this it was hard because all the people in the class are doing great and i couldn’t pick everyone so it was hard. I nominate Climb High for the class blog. I don’t know a lot about there blog but i looked at there blog and it was good.

C9 activity 2

I didn’t get any other comments from other people other than my classmates, Mrs. W, and Mrs. Anderson. What I could do to improve that is make more comments to people and asking them specific questions and answers. Since I learned to comment more I hope to get more comments on my page.
Challenge 9

C9 activity 1

During these challenges I have enjoyed some of them but I don’t think I will continue this over summer because I don’t enjoy it that much and it is not something I would do with any of my free time. Maybe someday when I am really bored. I don’t really don’t enjoy doing this because I thought we were going to learn about other stuff, but doing it in class is okay.
Challenge 9